My name is Trey Fox and over the past 10+ years I have fallen deeply in love with design and the magic of creation. I view all art as a very beautiful process where a simple idea can spark something that changes the world. 
 I enjoy all forms of image making, often bringing illustration into my digital work to give a more naturalistic feel.  My styles come from using traditional mediums and familiar symbolism that evokes an almost weird mysterious feel . Some of my main focuses are Illustration, logo design, branding, photography, photo manipulation and web design. 
I grew up outside of Philadelphia in a small town named Doylestown and moved to Manayunk a few years ago with my girlfriend and our cat Pete . I'm a lover of the outdoors and spend a lot of my free time camping/Road Tripping. I watch a lot of movies, usually either fantasy or Horror. One of my favorite movies is The Lord of the Rings series because of how much thought was put into creating such a detailed world. The film industry has always been a big influence on me.
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